Crazy Taxi Man Like a Video Game Driver

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So my mom insisted we take a last minute vacation to the Bahamas (I know life sucks) and we had to go with some La Jolla Taxi Service (that’s where I live) to the airport but the dang maniac drove like a nut case out of GTA5!  It was pretty awesome actually, it made me want to get my gaming on.

This was like one of those luxury transportation services that gives you airport transportation and taxi rides?  Yeah, it was one of those but the really nice kind that has black vehicles and really nice cars like Hummer’s and tricked out vehicles.  Well, we were taking our airport transportation service to the SD airport over there in downtown and the guy made this last minute right turn in our hummer taxi and I thought the whole thing was going to flip but it turns out those larger rides have pretty good handling and weight so we stuck right to the ground like a grass hopper in heat.

So, I’m stealing one of their pictures to use in this post ( I hope they don’t mind) because I think it’s pretty cool and I want it:

cool taxi service

This is another really cool truck that have, it’s one of those Lincoln town cars, but it’s for a La Jolla Transportation service.. or like a La Jolla taxi service which is weird because it should be yellow and small like those cars you get hijack in Grand Theft Auto 5.  So yeah, that’s pretty cool though.  I hope we get to take that black shiny one from the picture next time because even though a hummer is all rock star like, that one just has the grill and the rims (and the tint) that will get me all the girls when I’m grown up.

So I was thinking how could would it be to make a GTA map of La Jolla or San Diego?  Could you imagine driving around in the city you live in a game?  I would buy  my own house and keep all the hoodlums out.  Darn hoodlums.


Before I get too carried away, I wanted to talk about the end of this taxi ride we had.  We peeled out around this corner and made it down onto the bend over just past Sunset and skirted around another corner on our way to the airport just passed the harbor.

I think this guy really likes his hummer because he drives it like a beast.  We made it all in one piece which is a good thing I guess and our La Jolla taxi hummer thing was a-okay so we’re all still alive and all is well.  It was a lot of fun in the end and we made it on time for our flight which was the most important thing so I guess it all worked out.  Mom still didn’t tip the cab driver though, and our taxi driver was pretty pissed but what can you do, that’s life right?

Okay Cool

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Alrighty there, so it would appear that we are live now.  It’s amazing I was even able to set this thing up on my own but I wanna play with it and wing it until I can figure out how to make a proper blog.  If there are any pro bloggers out there, this is my first blog and my first post!!

I would love to hear your experience using Word Press and see if you have any recommendations or probably some cool tools that I’m going to need in the future as I expand and become a full fledged mega blog that will help Potential Gamer’s take over planet Earth.

So let’s hang and give Donkey Kong (that’s me) some good tips to make this a blog where everyone wants to come and talk.  Maybe we should do a forum.. anyway, welcome!